Share Your Project Ideas!

You can use this page to suggest ideas for economic development projects for Montpelier.

The box below contains a map of Montpelier’s neighborhoods.  You can use your cursor to move the map to make the neighborhood you’re interested in front and center in the box.

Once you’ve done that, move your cursor over the word “Montpelier” in the light blue box to the right.  The box will expand and reveal pads of yellow, blue green and pink virtual sticky notes.  You can click on any one of those pads and drag a note to a neighborhood on the map to suggest a project for a particular place.

If you don’t want to place your idea in a location, just move the map out of the way and place your note in another spot in the box to leave your suggestion.  If this seems a bit complicated, you can leave your thoughts on the project discussion page by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest in the Montpelier Economic Development Strategic Plan!