About the Study

Montpelier’s Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) will create an action plan for preserving and strengthening the vitality of the City’s economy.  Using the City’s community character and quality of life as its foundation, the EDSP will assess the existing economic conditions in the City and involve local businesses, key stakeholders and the community as a whole in the development of an action plan that sets clear priorities for staffing, investment and community activities to promote economic health and vitality in the City.

Phase 1: Analysis of Montpelier’s Economic Performance: This involves an inventory and analysis of the economic performance and economic development potential of the City of Montpelier.

Phase 2: Engagement— Identification of Barriers, Opportunities & Partners: There will be a series of customized outreach efforts to engage the community and other stakeholders to elicit their opinions regarding the economic future of Montpelier.

Phase 3: Creation—Identifying Key Industries & Setting a Strategic Direction for Montpelier: This phase will involve bringing together the information and insights gathered in the two earlier phases into a draft strategic plan for economic development in Montpelier.

Phase 4: Action—Adoption of the Montpelier Strategic Partnership: The final phase of the strategy will be the presentation of the draft strategy to the public and stakeholders and ultimately, the official adoption and implementation of the strategy by the City government and the key stakeholders.

The work is being conducted by Fairweather Consulting with the guidance of the City Council and the Economic Development Steering Committee. Stakeholder and community input is important to us. You can learn more about meetings and other related events through the project’s events calendar page.  Any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave your thoughts on our blog page or contact us via email.